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Thoughts on bench boosts


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As we all know EA weirdly stopped including team/bench boosts on cards cold turkey, and pretty much left them off most cards for a while. Then recently EA has been bringing them back on select cards. But few of the newer cards include boosts as good as some of the older cards enjoyed.

My question is what is more important now? Is it better to have a higher OVR bench, or a lower OVR bench which has a lot of boosts to the lineup? I have chosen the latter option, and it may be dragging down my OVR a point or so. I have trained up many of my bench players, but as they get to the higher levels the cost of training goes up significantly.


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Honestly boosts never even made a difference in the gameplay and now that clearly higher ovr has advantage theres no need to go for boosts.


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Don't have the coin for wholesale changes now as prices are still high in the AH. I am working on building coins and training current lineup.

I was able to upgrade my lineup significantly during the last crash, so I'm hoping prices drop soon so I can acquire a number of new (to me) players.


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Then I would suggest to just keep building coin and not to train any valuable assets which will earn coin whenever for eg 95+ nba centres .. wait for a promo where u get lucky (I made 20 mill in this promo.. Shaq plus jrue holiday from the set.. all grind. Some luck) or like u said ah crash


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I personally prefer boosts. I only use those that are key for gameplay like 3pt, mid-range, and steal. I have legend Pippen, Hill, Carter, Allen maxed for that. But if the new platinums are getting abilities and boosts back then I might have to reconsider.


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The truth is, now in the "Showdown Era" it seems that higher OVR trumps ability, which has been infuriating for lower intensity F2P's like me. I think that they removed boosts since they thought "Boost" were the roots of crashing but instead it was all the new money-grabbing platinums. I mean, they do work, but don't expect too much of a night and day difference.


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