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This is ridiculous!


Rookie 2
Don't assume this is cheating (if that's what you're trying to say). You've posted very good quarters yourself, so it's not out of possibility that your opponent (that happens to be higher OVR too) got a slightly better score.

Sorry, but there's really nothing that can be done about this.


Rookie 1
No, I?m not talking about cheating! But damn! How can you not be safe a +15 margin? It just makes me furiously... @Stewie309 I get it, I can?t win them all, but look at these margins... sorry guys, just venting!


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Staff member
Happens sometimes where I believe I've had the worst quarter ever and the opposing team loses.. and then the opposite where I pull a 26-4 or 18-2 or 28-6 and I loose.. Depends on the calibre of the other person on the other side and how EA AI is feeling that day haha.


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Exactly! EA is very inconsistent with the AI. Today my team?s beat a 101 ovr, which is crazy. Maybe he autoplayed it though, I don?t know...


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I?m not saying that it?s not not normal to lose like this.. I?m just talking about the frequency of it. Maybe it?s just me. I don?t know...


Pro 1
It happens, but I think it is not that frequent (over +13 for both players and losing, being a lower ovr myself).

Whenever I find it easy when I am facing higher OVR, I'm always expecting the opponent to have an easy game too, so no big surprise when an occasional +14 seems fine but the high ovr opponent comes with a +18.

easy-game for you and really-hard for the higher ovr opponent is a rare scenario from what I see and here in legend tier, most people know how to get these good margins if the quarter difficulty is favorable.


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@edIIIpt I have to agree with you last two paragraphs. Also, is you IGN edIII? Because I think I played you yesterday.
I?ve had all of these scores on BOTH sides! As a 99, I lost to a 90 and beat a 103 back to back. I?ve decided OVR is king though so I abandoned the bonus which dropped me from a 99 to a 97. Winning 8k fans is better than losing 2k and I win a lot more games with my 99 team than I lose.

As bad as some of these individual matches seem to be, I don?t think anyone is ever going backwards in SD. It might take a little more stamina but if your OVR is high enough you can finish in Top 500 consistently. Top 250 and obviously Top 100 are a significant grind. I probably cost myself Shaq to finish Top 250 and I?m not even sure why since he will sell for more than 98 Richardson I?m sure. At least they introduced a Plat set for those that don?t finish Shaq.


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