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Stock up/Stock down

The season's not quite over yet but the card choices that the content team make is probably the most fascinating aspect of the game to me. We all know which cards they forked out a ton of cash for and kept recycling all season long, but which cards stock rose and fell the most? Here are my picks:


Giannis Antetokounmpo -- things were pretty quiet there for a while but he now has four 100+ cards.

Joel Embiid -- they made him the cover athlete for next season. 'Nuff said.

Ben Simmons -- may end up with a 107 OVR Rewind card with buzzer beater. Unquestionably the star of Season 2.

Lauri Markkanen -- somebody on the dev team loves this guy. Has he done enough in his NBA career to justify the number of cards he gets?

Kyrie Irving -- had high OVR cards last season but this year EA ran with him as their consensus for best PG in the game despite the fact he didn't play in the playoffs.

Hon Mentions -- Lillard (cards galore for a guy who is a borderline All-Star each...
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Rose has his stock down from last season as well he only got 3 80+ cards and 2 of them were the same card but on different lineups


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Hayward got more cards this season than the previous despite playing a total of 1 minute.


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Spud Webb, I'd agree. I was initially shocked to see such a short PG playing against me in the early days of SD.

And I thought Steve Nash was quite short..let alone IT, new and old.


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I still have pistol pete in my starting lineup (homage to last year)
Dirk and shaq in the stock up.almost every promo has them.. tmac too
Drazen didnt get an elite card so that's also a step down
But more than ben this season has been lebrons.. just one card after the next..
Kawhi too stock down.. long gap between the classic one and the showdown one
I thought of a few more.


Dwight Howard -- I think the best card he had in Season 1 was a 95 OVR Winter card. The devs decided to turn him into the elder statesman of the game this season giving him a couple of marque cards with his Ultimate Legend and Playoff Moments cards and budget beast versions like his New Year's and Fireworks cards. Quite a step up.

Adrian Dantley -- Adrian Dantley had an inexplicable amount of cards in the game considering how many base Classic elites never received an upgrade. He even had two platinum cards, which is surprising for a guy who's not that well known among casual basketball fans. A bunch of different promo cards for a guy who had the wrong height for a large chunk of the season. Go figure.

Clyde Drexler -- Drexler's best card in Season 1 was virtually unattainable, Not so this season as he was a perennial presence at the SG position -- Specialists, Showdown, TOTW, Finals Legends, you name it, they stuck Clyde on it. Not that I'm complaining since Clyde was a hell of a player.

David Robinson -- David Robinson got a GOAT card last season but that pales in comparison to the cards they gave him this year. They rolled David Robinson cards about as often as they did Ewing cards or Shaq cards (okay, maybe not that often.) Meanwhile, Hakeem got one decent card all year. If you remember 1995 you know that ain't right.

Dikembe Mutombo -- Mutombo, Mutombo everywhere! Sure he had an Ultimate Legend card last season with an ability but he was so involved with NBALM this season that the Asia app collaborated with him on a month-long promo. He even had his own coach card. He must be earning some decent coin from this game.


Last year's set Legends -- Ho Grant, Muggsy Bogues, Elvin Hayes, and company. A couple of them were used as promo elites but a fall from grace nonetheless.

Rudy Gobert -- would they have given Rudy Gobert a 100 OVR card if he hadn't won DPOY? I kind of doubt it.

Meta World Peace -- no crazy high OVR card this season. No Spring program for Rodman either but they at least snuck more Dennis cards into the game than Meta cards.

Chris Paul -- this is more a case of stock not going anywhere. Sure they gave him a 100 OVR card just like he had a 98 OVR card last season but it was slim pickings other than that. C'mon, it's Chris Paul! He played for the Rockets! It wasn't as though he was invisible. Missed opportunity to give him an Ultimate Legend early on. The China server showed him more love than global did by giving him a special card. Crazy.
I still have pistol pete in my starting lineup (homage to last year)
Dirk and shaq in the stock up.almost every promo has them.. tmac too
Drazen didnt get an elite card so that's also a step down
But more than ben this season has been lebrons.. just one card after the next..
Kawhi too stock down.. long gap between the classic one and the showdown one

Nick picks.

I feel like they must be paying guys like Shaq a fair bit for his rights and need to get a return on that investment. You can only imagine what it would be like if they finally got the rights for Barkley. They'd have to rename it to NBA Live Barkley.

Dirk got some nice cards and was the Legacy reward but I figure he needs that one Ultimate Dirk card to really cement his place.

Good point about LeBron. I think the number of cards he got was a fair reflection of his season and probably a bit of a makeup for not releasing enough LeBron cards last year. They had a thing for Curry cards last season whereas this year they were somewhat restrained when it came to the Warriors.

BTW, is it just me or was Westbrook slighted this year? I mean I had three Westbrook cards in my Legacy lineup -- Master Westbrook, Triple Double King Westbrook, and his Asia version MVP card that was a 99 OVR with clutch. I don't think they've given him a compelling card all season.

I think upgrading Doorbuster Leonard bridged the gap between the New Year's card and the Showdown one and then they gave him a couple of 100 OVR cards though one was a result of a trade. It's funny how they handled the guys with injuries. I have a sneaking suspicion that if you played for a popular team like the Celtics you got more cards even if you were out for the season.


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Marc Gasol didn't get a lot of good cards last season(i could be wrong, I started playing during summer courts) and he didn't get a single plat this season. He is a former DPOY and the best grizzlies player to date. I think Kyle lowry deserved more cards as well.


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Also for Stock Down, I remembered that there were a ton of good Draymond Green cards for the Shooting Lineup in S1. Now, he's kinda disappeared

Gary Payton

What is with NBALM and Gary Payton this season? I realize he's become a bit more of a talking head in the media in recent seasons but the number of high OVR Gary Payton cards this year was crazy. He had a 99 OVR Finals card last season but the introduction of the Classic lineup earned meant they needed more old-school pgs and Payton along with Steve Nash, Jason Kidd and John Stockton were the favored choices. I'm a bit surprised that they didn't throw a higher OVR Kidd at us this season but they ran with Penny Hardaway as the Showdown Titan.

DeAndre Jordan

This was one I overlooked which is crazy because I played with Jordan cards all season long. From his base card through to his signature card, his TOTW cards, RTTP and Easter cards, and TItan card, Jordan was an anointed beast this season. In fact, you could probably argue that he replaced KAT in the Devs' heart. He leaned more toward a budget beast than a marque card like Embiid but it was no surprise when they released him as a Titan. Last year, the highest he reached was a 94 OVR Summer Courts card. Jordan was a big winner this season.


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