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Since this update, I have lost 90% of tip offs in LvL and SD ( same OVR ). Used the same way of winning tip off for over 3 years and now it backfires


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Is anyone having the same issue ? I did not switch device or whatsoever. It is just mysterically why I lose every tip off since the update despite timing it the same way. Never had a problem with tip offs until this update


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Ya lost a few too.. not a lot.. but lot more than b4.. especially when I try a tip to sf..
This update seems to have unearthed a lot of bugs
I've had the same problem. I've never lost a tip off until recently. I used to just tap the button but now it looks like you have to hold it down. Just tapping it doesn't work well.


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I haven't had an issue at all with this and I probably win 90% of my jump balls, only losing when I lose focus for a second. My method is to start tapping the button like crazy as soon as the ref lowers his hand and before the jump ball even starts.
I mean if you are a skilled player a tip off wouldn't bother you much..you can always make a comeback

In SD, it's not a huge deal, but in LVL, tip-offs are high value. Much less time than SD, and the AI behaves wildly different (aka waste time).

You need every possession you can get in LVL, including that tip-off.
110 Kawhi (dream for most, but some do have him) has clutch active immediately at the tipoff. You can imagine how important it is to win the tipoff to ensure you use his double clutch.


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