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Showdown troubles


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Hey guys! kinda new here. just want to ask if this is normal in showdown? ive been having a hard time getting my rank up. im currently in allstar 3 stars. most of the time this has always been the result. ive been beating them by +8 to +12 and id still lose.


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That's normal, if you're up against higher OVR opponents, you should expect them to score at least +10 at the least. They usually score +12 to +15 against lower OVRs, sometimes even +18 or higher. But don't count out lower OVRs either, some of them might be really good at the game or just have a team with tough AI to face. The best you could do is improve your margins or upgrade your lineups.
That's normal. If I were a 90 OVR and I faced a 93 OVR I would expect to lose the majority of the time. If you want to get ahead in Showdown you need to keep raising your OVR. You are a clearly a skilled player but there is a limit to how many wins vs losses you can achieve with a 90 OVR team. You start going round and round in circles if for every win you suffer 4 or 5 losses.


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Agree. Increase in ovr is the key. You will not always win against lower ovr than yours but in terms of 'chance' of winning, it's higher.
You?ll still lose some games to lower OVRs and win some against higher OVRs no matter what your OVR is. So get used to that. But, your win rate - and your ceiling for ranking/placement - will go up incrementally the higher your OVR. To illustrate, whether I?m a 90 OVR or 100 OVR I generally play 30-35 SD matches per day - no more, no less. Back when I was a 95 OVR, my ceiling was top 250 placement. Now that I?m a 102 OVR, I find myself in the top 50 without any additional effort, games played, or stamina purchased. So, Boost your OVR and get the fan bonus if possible and it?ll make your life easier.


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