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Showdown season3 discussions - end of the eleventh season and the start of the twelfth season


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Talk about memorable quarters, final results, season ending pulls, your doubts, issues, goals, desires or concerns related to showdown at the start of the twelfth season.


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Just waiting for when the new rewards roll out.. can't seem many high scoring quarters in sd lately.. though very small sample size.
Did have a one point win agst a two ovr lower player.. 23-6 to 26-10


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I may play after Wed. Just did daily objectives. Crushed two guys this morning though with 89 Curry (waiting to see BF sets before I upgrade) and 89 Tatum. Also finding 84 Iverson to be a great card as I try to figure out what to do at SG.
Only playing for daily objectives. Playing with 90 Curry, 89 Tatum & 88 Elevate Whiteside is like cheating man. LMAO.

22-2, 20-4 & 23-5 were my qs today. Won the 3 matches of course.


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Seems like we all have same experience, playing sd for objective only with high margins against opponents. But wait until they take a break from promo and introduce new sd players/rewards (like the week of masked irving), with all competetive/highly engaged/grinders to death players with 90 curry, tatum, mutombo, 88 hayward/ whiteside and 90 bf elites and all other masters - showdown will be a warzone again for top 1000. Excited now to test my new 88 lineup (from 86 prior harvest/bf)...haha.


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Legend is a real surprise

Its going to be interesting to c what top 1000 is .. assuming thats still the lower limit..


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Showdown getting a lot more...showdowny-er!

Divisions rebalanced - down from 13 to only 5 (Rookie, Pro, All-Star, Superstar, Legend)
Fan requirements for divisions lowered, only takes 400k fans now to get to Legend
You'll now get rep and fans from winning your quarter, so even if you lose the game, you'll get more than a fan loss. We took the win rewards and just balanced it now across quarter win and game win, 25% goes to quarter win, 75% to game win
Now that it is much easier to get to legend, the real battle takes place for top 10k placement (currently still restricted to level division, but might change based off of metrics)
There are 5 top placement divisions, 10k, 5k, 2.5k, 1000 and top 100
Showdown now will have 5 new masters
De'Aaron Fox
Zach Levine
Joe Ingles
Bill Laimbeer
Brian Scalabrine (WHITE MAMBA HYPE)
They are attained from set items obtained through division up, placement, exchange sets, rep packs and store packs
3 different set items to collect, Foam Fingers, Framed Jerseys and Game Balls. Each of those is a different rarity.
There will be exchange sets to trade in silvers for gold, gold for elite and an elite player trade in set too :eek:
There are 80, 83, 87 and 90 versions of each master, all will be non auctionable. (i know, boooooooo!)
They are non auctionable because we plan on increasing their ovr with new sets over the course of the season
We also will add new players every so often, but want you guys to feel invested in building these showdown masters
Showdown coaches will return at a lower price point and with a month long boost instead of weekly.
Showdown boosts across the game will be rebalanced a bit to make sure that the fan economy stays easier to maintain. The following items will be capped at the following percents
Showdown Incentive (ex. Play showdown with 1 elite harvest player) - Cap at 20%
Showdown Coach - Boosted cap is 20%, after boost expires, 10%
Player Bench Boosts - each player capped at 5% for a total of 25%
Cosmetics - Capped at 20%
But Brian, what do you mean when you say cosmetics?! In our new app update next week, we're adding in collectibles for jerseys and courts, all which not only appear in game (lots of new courts and uni's!) but that will also have boosts on them and can be bought/sold on the AH. Cosmetics will be added to top placement rewards in the upcoming weeks. Going to try to use the new hot City Edition uniforms as the big rewards
Million dollar question - when does this go live?! The new season is targeted to start on 12/1(last minute issues could derail that as always). However, on Saturday the master sets will go up, and there will be store packs (yes, including unlimited rep packs) that will let you buy the set items to get a head start. Once the season starts on monday, you can earn the set items through gameplay.


I know showdown has been something of a neglected mode, but we're working hard to turn that around.


But Brian, what about gameplay changes in showdown? We've made some recently (especially focused on rebounding) and will continue to monitor. Feel free to DM me feedback, we're currently working on some tuning to missed dunks and AI contested shots, so stay tuned. Hope you guys enjoyed harvest/black friday - the first part of our winter program is targeted to launch a week from tomorrow


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