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Showdown season3 discussions - end of the 14th season and the start of the 15th season


Pro 1
Talk about memorable quarters, final results, season ending pulls, your doubts, issues, goals, desires or concerns related to showdown at the start of the fifteenth season.


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Basically just completed all objectives plus a little extra on Monday to get to Legend. Satisfied with Top 10k reward for the effort exerted.
I stopped once I reached Legend. Got some stuff to build toward a Master. The only jerseys I'm interested in are retro jerseys so if they don't add another player like Kyrie then I can't see myself being terribly invested. I am not sure if I will grind SD this week on my main since I've been invested in the NP promo to the detriment of everything else. I may do it on my alt now that I have the 90 OVR Magic.

Magic is okay but I don't think he's better than the 90 Curry and I am kind of disappointed that he is 1996 Magic. I keep thinking he is a shadow of himself every time I play with him.

No real memorable quarters. The games don't seem that close these days. They feel like blowout wins to one side or the other.


All-Star 3
Finished in top 2500 with 760k... reached legend day 1 before the promo began.. so 2 quarters per day plus 5 in the objective days.. plus a stray quarter here and there..halfway towards 90 ingles

Had a tough sd loss.. my 87 vs 89.. won 27-10.. lost 21-2...otherwise nothing remarkable


Pro 1
I finished 6378th.

my season highlight was beating a 92ovr on Saturday, the only one I faced so far.
random odds were in my favor, as the AI played at a very slow pace.


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