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Showdown season3 discussions - end of the 13th season and the start of the 14th season


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Talk about memorable quarters, final results, season ending pulls, your doubts, issues, goals, desires or concerns related to showdown at the start of the fourteenth season.
Finished around 2200. Nothing special in the packs, just a gold showdown player and a bunch of tokens which is nice, finally can finish my first 87 master. Not really liking starting at Superstar again, though...


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I bet Maintenance fixes the SS level thing but who knows for sure.

Huge letdown for me. Finished 2142 and got two threads and two silver jerseys...yahoo. I can?t see playing more than dailies and maybe getting Legend status when stamina promos aren?t running. Definitely not playing into Top 2500 or better until rewards are adjusted.


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I finished 8060th. Fan boosting jerseys in rewards is ok, but I'll probably focus on whatever live events we have this week.
I finished 1902 with 1.14M fans. On my alt, I reached Legend and quit.

I was on pace to finish in the top 1000 for the first few days but the Christmas promo, lack of ads and laziness prevented me from finishing higher than the top 2500. The grind wasn't much of a grind. Scoring was up and games were easy to win. There wasn't much sense of accomplishment from reaching Legend and that was matched by the lack of reward. The fact that you hardly lost any fans for a loss made it easy to grind but also took away from the challenge. The matching system seemed fairer but at the same time, the OVR advantage didn't seem to produce many advantages.

Curry felt nerfed over the weekend or perhaps it was just shooting in general. I began having a hard time at jackpot around the time that Curry felt nerfed. The beginning of the SD season was crazy. You saw that 31-17 quarter I had. We both agreed that Curry couldn't guard Curry, though even his AI was toned down over the weekend.

The SD Masters played well against me. Magic wasn't the nightmare that Curry during the first few days. Houston quietly impressed me. I can see why so many people use him. I also had a tough time with BF Oladipo.

Will grind again this week but I am also frustrated about no tier fix.


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What do you think about showdown rewards? I finished under 1000 with aprox. 1.7M fan (somewhere around 750th) and totally I got 45 silver cup tokens, 14 gold tokens, 9 game ball tokens and 1 gold showdown player. With these tokens it's not even possible to get a 83ovr showdown player. In the previous seasons an 85ovr was guaranteed and the change of getting another elite was very high. I am really disappointed with the rewards.
It was not easy at all to get to top 1000 compered to the pervious seasons. Although negative fan rewards was replaced by winning quarter fan reward, but since the game bonus was reduced to 20%, it was quite difficult to stay in top 1000.
^^^a damn shame thats what people got. I guess I won't be getting to top 100 anytime soon. I'll just be stopping at 400k fans, definitely not worth my valuable time.


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