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Showdown rewards only top 100?


Rookie 1
Surely you jest EA. When I played for top 100 and got Hakeem last season it almost cost me my marriage. Is this legit for season 3?


Rookie 2
They're focused on controlling the OVR growth this season so it's like that to prevent a thousand users getting what counts as the best cards in the game at the moment. The range of champion rewards will increase as the season goes on.
Only the top 75 get a Showdown elite. The rest get a regular base elite.

Looking at the NBALM Asia leaderboard, it's the same old folks as last year who buy from the store and spend all of their stamina on Showdown. You simply cannot grind Showdown and campaigns at the same time, especially with the current stamina restrictions, so these people choose to play Showdown exclusively. They are the same people who led every season of Showdown in last year's game.

I am not fussed about Showdown at present as the rewards are only 80-81 OVR players but I hope that EA returns to the top 1000 system as the season progresses. Showdown was the most successful change they implemented last season and to be honest I don't see why they've meddled with it.

They could have easily done something like this:

Ben Simmons ;p

Top 1000 -- 78 OVR
Top 500 -- 79 OVR
Top 250 -- 80 OVR
Top 100 -- 81 OVR
Top 1 -- 82 OVR


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I'm still waiting to see what they may give in a final legend pack, besides the announced top100 rewards.

That amount of fans - 1.5M - doesn't seem accessible for many.


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The tier rewards are nothing short of crap...the free bonus pack (every 4hrs in the store) is better than the first 3 rewards combined. Disappointing...


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