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Showdown matchmaking


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Live Date: June 5, 2019 at 7:00 AM EST

On June 5, we’ll be making some small changes to how matchmaking works in Showdown. Since we made changes to the Showdown progression earlier this season, we’ve seen some issues where players are getting matched with players outside of expected ranges as well as gotten feedback from you on the experience. Our current matchmaking is fairly complex, it isn’t just comparing OVR in the current tier you are in (Rookie through NBA Legend). It takes into account number of recent wins and other data.

The current matchmaking parameters attempt to match you against other players in certain amounts of time. Right now, it tries to find a match for you within +- 8 OVR (and matching other criteria) in your current tier from the time you press the button to queue up until 15 seconds have passed. Hardly any players ever wait that full 15 seconds because that OVR range is so wide. We have matchmaking...
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When he firat tweeted it out o completely forgot to share it lol so thanks for that but as a 106 I will no longer be able to match 100-103 and easily autoplay a win every time


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Would have some downsides to this move....cause quite late in the season already...most likely will "smoothen up" next season...all starting a-fresh

Steve Rogers

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This is actually good...because as a 104 i played around 15 matches against 106 and i won just 2 of them(and they both autoplayed against me because their score was way to low for a 106)...so lets wait and see...and something else what i noticed is that the number of W when you autoplay in SD has been decreased lately


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So much stuff that really needs fixing - or improving at least - and they worry about this?

This looks like some made up problem to keep someone busy :rolleyes:


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I only partially Like this. On one hand. It might remove the incentives of getting a high ovr. Like betaman said. People.will artificially deflate ovr
On other hand. I find the ovr advantage too big or an advantage. I almost always lose to higher ovr and almost always win vs lower or equal ovr. So it certainly will balance the playing field.

My suggestion is just to lessen the ovr advantage and maybe even just remove the bench if it's purpose is just for boost.

If a player is 105 that player should play better than a 100 and we don't and shouldn't need an artificial boost.


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The problem in this game is not matchmaking. It is the discrimination against the lowest overall. There is no fair play.


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I could give a crap about SD since there's no real necessity or reward for spending time on it. I want them to make SD and LVL play the same. And make it a bit less about OVR and more about the quality of starters you're using. If I've got all 106 starting but a terrible bench, they should still outplay someone with 103s starting and a robust bench.
They should just get rid of avantages and disadvantages altogether and make it all about stats and skill. So that way if say there is a lower ovr card with better 3pt shooting it would shoot better than a higher ovr card with worse stats like it should be. Makes no sense how with just an ovr advantage all of a sudden bad shooters can shoot and with a disadvantage good shooters cant shoot.


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