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Showdown Force Close or Disconnect Counts as Forfeit (-8k Fans)

I?m a fan of this change even though the new app version has been very buggy for me with severe lag/jitter that actually caused a crash in lvl.


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I love this but it will obviously hurt some players and occasionally myself but you have to crack a free eggs to make an omelette


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As the above have said, it's for the better.
Would rather have some rare forfeits due to crashes than easy cheating.


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I get glitches quite often while navigating game menu's, not during games recently.. which is a nice change.

I'm all for anything that prevents cheating.


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Again, I got this yesterday about 5 times in a row so I lost my 40,000 fans in instant. I even won them all up by 10-15 before suddenly forced out. WTH!!!!