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Should we expect an OVR progression similar to S2?


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At this point last year, the season in the game was yet to start

but by Nov. 4th legends like 90ovr Rose were in the game, and Harvest masters like Shaq and Paul George also 90ovr were up around Nov. 17th.

With Halloween coming up next with 87 as the top ovr announced, it does seem like we're on pace to match last year's progression (minus the training).

Do you think this will be the case? Or from others games like FIFA and Madden, there's stuff that may hint towards higher ceilings than the 110 ovr at the end of the season (or eventually lower like a return to the 100 ceiling)?


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by fall last year u could have a 96 ovr, if u maxed pg and shaq and had the +1 boost. and also today last year there was still 9 days left of s1


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Good post.

From what you write, it looks to be slowing down a bit. I think i like that the max is 100 ovr: it's more intuitive, even when planning ahead, specially for new players who don't have a clue up until they start investigating a bit.


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Well the last season had two parts, at the beginning of the season it went too fast, after two months there were 90+ cards with +8 boosts and clutch and buzzer beater. Yet the team ovr was not so important in h2h, rather the secondary stats and boosts were more important. Then at some point they started to change several things in the game, they "adjusted" the cards' stats and introduced platinum cards (basically new cards with lower stats but higher ovr and no boosts). Then they replaced h2h with showdown where the team ovr was very important.
I think this season so far follows the second half of the last season. It's not as fast as the beginning of last season, but it's not slow as well, in the past 6 weeks card's ovr increased from 80 to 86 (+1 per week). So I think with this pace there will be 105 ovr cards, even 110 ovr cards are quite possible imo since there is no training.


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