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Season 4 Best Available Team-based Line-up: Chicago Bulls


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I'm trying to assemble the best available team-based line-up for the Chicago Bulls. Preferably in the same time period that they're in (running out of things to do as Welcome to NY promo stinks).
I have the following so far:

SG 102 Steve Kerr (Simulation)
SF 103 Scottie Pippen (April Monthly Master)
PF 103 Dennis Rodman (April Monthly Master)
SF 99 Toni Kukoc (Simulation)

Any suggestions for PG and C? Or there are no available cards yet of PG or C Bulls in the 90s era? Luc Longley, Bill Wennington, Bill Cartwright, Brian Williams/Bison Dele, Jason Caffey, Dickey Simpkins, Randy Brown, Ron Harper?
Tried searching on Auction House, can't find any even silver or Gold cards.


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Thanks, I'll look for him, I may have missed him during my search at Auction House.
PG, no Ron Harper yet? Even Elite or Gold?
Not many 90s Bulls have ever had a card in this game at least 70% of the players you mentioned are in that group not sure if I have ever seen a Harper though but I doubt it


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