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S2 final line ups


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Made this post for everyone who wants to post his final- legacy line up .I ll make the start by posting my no money spent acc.Hope for a better s3.


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Couldnt get 105 jason cz i used many lvl tokens before ea dropped the pantheons and as a result i couldnt complete harden


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Those are crazy good.
Mine pale in comparison as I spent 60 mil at the time to get MVP Harden so I couldn't boost my lineups nearly as much as others when the auction house crashed.




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Finished AD today.. wish I could have used him more..just one lvl quarter.. Hayward was more consistent that harden so finally decided to sacrifice the clutch.. never finished bron but finishing Durant was the best decision I made. Best card I have (magic was close till the sprint glitch started)..


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Only regret was not picking 105 Mutombo from the AH while the 95+ set was providing these top pulls.

Only hit 103 today, with a last bit of training in the Mutombo card.

The ~105 cards were very late additions and I preferred keeping starters that were there for a long time.


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Don't know how to include screen shot but my 104 classic and 102 nba lineups are locked and loaded to dominate the daily 2-minute legacy event this coming season...haha


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Not my dream teams, but as close as I could get. And proud of it :lol:
Very fun experience. Great game.



(Still got those 25M "locked away" at My Bids. If I could get those I could level up 2-3 more players.)
My no money spent squad. Didnt even spend a dime on this game. I picked players i like except Hassan and kept my classic ALL classic. Im not a fan of playing with current nba players on my classic lineup.



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Maxed my MVP Durant few days ago, he was simply the best player I ever had in both seasons, scoring machine in manual and AI. I made few mistakes in S2 and wasn't really active in 2017, so I had no chance to collect enough coins before EA put bot, but at least I had luck in Roy. event, key promos like F&I and then PO with MVP Durant.

Spent just 1$ in S2, to buy 80ov Magic card in MM promo (I can't even remember it correctly, I guess it was first card for Magic's set, I'm pretty sure most of you know what I'm talking about).

btw great LU's guys


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Some incredible line ups on here, especially the guys that didn't spend real money!!!

Despite EA being EA throughout the season I have found it an enjoyable season and I was hooked enough to play the game each and every day of the season.

These are my final line ups for Season 2. I wish I had been able to train a few more of my players but it cost so much coin to level up Platinums! However, overall I am very happy with them.

I spent about ?40 this season (?10 on Black Friday 80ov Leonard, ?10 on Xmas Present 80ov Westbrook and about ?20 on cash to buy stamina to help complete the certified event 3 times - ?12 of which was to complete and over complete Francis to get enough tokens for Pantheon Giannis and therefore Pantheon Harden to use in the final League match up and final day of Showdown).


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Played every day of season 2 and like many were very frustrated that EA had done such a dodgy rehash of season 1. I lost some great mates along the way, especially when that f'wit posted how to cheat on YouTube and people left in droves, including our Commish, so it was dumped on me.

I got on to the gold glitch a little late but rode it for all it was worth and had 11 players untrained with 3 weeks to go. I sold them off the day after the announcement for the end, picking up an extra $24m to play with. I spent $93m in 3 days, picked up 102 Payton yesterday for the bench and did some final training which got me to 104. Got to Legend in every SD season and ended up with 4 Titans but I couldn't fit Dr J in my final squad.

Shout out to everyone on the Asia server, especially Commondjapan for posting info on upcoming promos, that really helped a lot and I'm sure everyone here feels appreciation for you sharing that with us.

I'm looking forward to the reset and making new mates at Archers Official this year.


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i didn't play showdown much but tried to make legend each time. this last season was my first time in top 1000 lmfao. i barely cared about my classic sadly. no money spent squad.




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season 2 final line ups : no money spent


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Didn?t spend anything also and lost millions because of AH change early in the season and bots being bots not buying reasonably posted players in time.

But anyway, still ended with a 105 overall and got key players like 107 harden, clutch harden, royalty lebron, MVP Durant, golden ticket players, and buzzer beater Simmons and Iverson.

I wish a had more coins to upgrade players but still made the most out of a bad season 2.


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ftp, played less than 5 minutes a day since August 1. Disappointed with the terrible TOTW promo, followed by a "meh" international promo, and finally "golden ticket" players created by EA themselves.
Lost interest in this lineup, had fun using some meme players instead.

My preferred lineup since showdown was introduced.

If they don't improve gameplay, then I don't see the point of playing the game anymore. We play the game to use our favorite players and make dream teams, what's the point of restarting all over again if everything is the same?


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Spent a grand total of $2 this season. I missed a handful of the big promos because I was traveling internationally and didn't do much Showdown grinding either (never went past superstar 3). Tried to stick with cards/players I actually liked rather than simply go for the highest OVR possible.




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