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Rookie Campaign Issue


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So I can?t figure out how to move from event 2-3 to 3-1 in the Rookie Campaign. The 2-3 event has a complete check mark and the 3-1 event is locked and says collect 15 rookie players. I have exactly 15.
Have you tried restarting the app? Sometimes it takes a bit of fiddling about. I had to muck around to get the first Embiid level up event to unlock.


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I believe I had 16 rookie silvers at the moment I successfully played the event.

No issue here either when they asked for 30 in one of the following events.


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Ok, I?m low on coins since I upgraded Embiid. Not a lot of ways to get coins for the stupid lottery balls and trying to avoid buying the rookie pack. It could be that it doesn?t register all of the rookies I?ve gotten thus far.
The lottery pack live event is a good way to get lottery balls but I think its only once a day.

There was one challenge where it told me I had to go back and finish the previous event. Perhaps you should try the previous challenge again.


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Finally unlocked after 3 or 4 more Rookies...weird.

Same thing happened to me.. was wondering what I did wrong.. then after a few more it unlocked..

@commond what did u get from the rookie lottery event .. couldnt complete the event in time.. ran out of stamina


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it gets better!

5.1: you NEED a coach to continue....


BUT they give you a chance to attain them in the store:


this is RIDICULOUS!!!!!


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That requirement is an obvious 'wanna spend some cash?'

but with a bit of patience getting a coach via sets is doable for free.

I'd rather have the gold players in the LU for SD bonus tho, so that will wait for me.

The set-up of campaigns makes us want to progress and get it done quick, but the events/promo are there for a while so no problem in waiting a bit as far as I can see.

And the campaign not getting done and dusted after a day is not necessarily bad.


Rookie 3
i have hardly looked @ the sets.. but.. 5 x gold + 3 x gold lottery balls...

but yeah sure, here, if you want 2 spend the cash, finish now, if you want 2 wait.. the option is yours


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