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Rewind collectible exchange set


Rookie 1
I feel like they put the wrong Legendary token in the Rewind collectible exchange set ... Why would you trade in 10 elite legendary badges plus 10 totw and 10 specialist when there's already a set to trade just the 10 elite legendary badges for an elite legend?


Rookie 2
Mine is requiring elite tokens instead of gold. Dougyd is correct - i would just use my 10 elite token to get a ul elite player instead of combining to another set of 10 totw and specialists to get the same.


Rookie 1
I was wondering the same - surely it's a glitch - especially as they give out the gold legendary collectibles in the event. Definitely not doing that set as it stands.
So what's the deal with this exchange set? How can it really need ELITE UL tokens when the event gives the regular gold ones AND you can exchange 10 UL elite tokens for an elite UL player?!


Rookie 1
It must be a glitch.
However zero fucks given by EA so we probably just have to accept that the promo is generally a waste of time and wait for the next one.