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Revised Harvest Program


Rookie 1
There are both good and bad about this revised version, I guess lot of you guys also realize about the stamina refillable every 7 hours now which this will definitely helpful for f2p

However, the 3rd challenge have remade. It use to be the easiest challenge out of 3 , but now become the hardest to defend the imba AI, lose 3 matches streak on this challenge, roasted turkey not easy huh...

How many times you guys tried to pass the 3rd challenge?


Pro 1
Got the turkey challenge on my 2nd try, but think that it?s too hard (or too easy to loose) for a 50 stamina event.

What pissed me off is not making past the 4th Kezar event. I?m sooooo glad i delayed my decision to spend real money here, cause if I did now I?d be REALLY pissed off.
I still plan to spend around 50 euros till Xmas, but only if a decent deal shows up and I?ll definitely wait till the last minute, so that I don?t risk spending real money on some campaign in which I end up getting stuck somewhere.


Pro 1
I just read on Wagoner?s twitter that the lock for the Kezar blitz will be removed. Nice.

This Wagoner guy is certainly doing a much better job listening and talking to the players than I was used to.
There?s still hope for this campaign, which seemed good when it started but then turned out to be very boring and frustrating to play.
If they could turn all blitz event into simple drills it would be a great improvement (specially considering they cost 50 stamina).


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The refill is every 8 hours for a total of 300 stamina a day but I pass the turkey event pretty easily and fortunately it will be made easier soon


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