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Returning after months of quitting - Questions


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I am a season 1 and 2 veteran, played in KMaR, PAEZ, and in the beginning of S3, Royal Family, if that's still a thing.

I had a few questions because I was interested on actually starting to play again and grind.
  • Is there still prevalent cheating within LvL?
  • Does EA still heavily control the auction house? (one of the main reasons I quit)
  • When is the reset?
  • Is the game actually enjoyable (grindable)?
  • Any other helpful information would be great.
I would really appreciate this information, as I really miss grinding this game out and I am hoping to get back into this.


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1. As far as i have heard, in the top leagues it is still .. but it is not prevalent yet.
2. Bots still control the AH, so timing of ur sales is important.. for profit and for a sale.. wait too long and the value of the card will drop beneath the cap and then it wont be sold.
3. Reset should be im aug/sept.. nothing declared yet
4. The game is extremely grindable .. more so than season 1. It isnt as much fun, as the promos are just copy and pasted from previous ones


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Basically what anatdoc said but I'd like to add that Matt and the rest of RF joined forces with Conquer and yeah they were linked to using GG to cheat which isn't surprising since what I said a long time ago still stands true... If you're a top 10 league you cheated in one way or another be it buying currency 3rd party or using gameplay glitches and they hold true to that statement


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