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Requesting Reviews of 3 Specific Cards


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1.) Sharpshooter Curry
2.) Playoffs Westbrook
3.) RTTP Drummond

I just wanna hear reviews of these 3, particularly the first 2. I know many people probably haven't played with Drummond, but if you have, I'd still appreciate a review of him, maxed or unmaxed. I feel like his cards became kinda irrelevant after S1 (Throwback to his LvL Master Card)


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Sharpshooter Curry is pretty consistent from 3 not so wonderful down low, but he can occasionally make the in the paint plays. With this Curry card you need to try to make sure his shots are uncontested because of his height. (Unless your going up against Isaiah Thomas lol)

Playoffs Westbrook is actually pretty good from beyond the arc as well but it is important to get other players on your team involved because Westbrook can start to be inconsistent from the 3. I have always found Westbrook cards to be great down low and this one is no exception, make those dribbling moves and attack the rim bro!

RTTP Drummond is fine but I have never been impressed with this card. He's not bad at Rebounding and the occasional block but there are definitely better centers for the price of this Drummond card.


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Thanks for the reviews, I was afraid I was never gonna get one. I don't really need the Westbrook for 3 PT cheese, so hopefully he's as explosive as you say. To be completely honest I just want a Drummond card; I know he's not high overall, or in high demand, but if he's fun to play with, I'll be satisfied.


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Yea no prob man glad 2 do it! Yea Westbrooks nice down low. And hey man if you want 2 play with a Drummond card go for it! I just think there r better options out there for the same price. I know there r better pgs then the Westbrook I use but he's one of my fav players so I use him


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