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Random questions


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OK so i've got a few questions that don't really fit in to other threads, so here goes.

1. Can you do anything with bronze jerseys and courts? They're not auctionable, quick sell for 100 coins and as far as i can see only the silvers, golds and elites can be used in sets.
2. Is there any point keeping next gen tokens? I've got like 400 of the damn things which i can quick sell for 20k
3. Is there any way to get rid of the philaonthropist token from the black friday set? It can't be auctioned or quick sold

Also a couple of other questions while i'm here :lol: Is the frozen court event gone for good? I'm 2 tokens short of getting an elite court and the event has disappeared from the campaign tab, although the set has like a week left on the expiry.

Has anyone mentioned any plans to bring out new players or raise the caps for elevate? My main lineup is 88+ in every position so if they have no plans to raise the caps i might just stop playing the elevate event entirely


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No idea on 1. For 2 you never know if they?ll keep the tokens the same for the next set of players so I?m holding onto mine. Worst case they could introduce a collectible set to exchange them for something useful. For 3 it?s likely just an oversight.

I think the court thing is done but you can buy tokens in the store to finish it.


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1. No
2. No I think they gave up on next gen like they did with MVP Harden, Master Embiid, and making all versions of Harvest Curry auctionable so if you want to get a head start on a collectible exchange set then just keep them if not quicksell them but I would say that keeping them is the best option
3. No there is no way to get rid of that just like there is no way to get rid of tutorial golds/silvers or free trainable elite players


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1.Just Keep collecting them for now. No reason to sell it for a few change. Keep em they maybe be valuable in the near future once you have enough of them. EA did have option for those in the AH so you never know..
2.If you really really need coins then YES sell. but if dont need it..whats 20k gonna do? if EA does release more NEW cards then those collectibles will be way way more valuable than the 20k ur getting now. either way. Im over the next gen players tbh.
3. YES, email EA and tell them to be organized with their game. i know its minor but there is no need for collectibles we dont need to sit in our inventory.


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have been quick-selling most of them, the cap of 1200 items is quickly hit. I keep only the elites ones
As someone else said, you would wanna spend the coins under packs to get the court pieces needed to upgrade in the sets. reaching legend does save you from buying some however.


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