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QJB Literally Farted for a Minute Straight in his Latest Video

Bruh really! Is there a need to have a thread on this! It was a joke not a real fart. Ever heard of video editing! Jeez!
I was more amazed that he spent 17K NBA cash on those #trending packs and the best he got was 82 Lonzo Ball!!!! Like, first of all, that's a LOT of NBA cash to spend on packs (I was under the impression that EA gives him cash to spend on camera like this, though)

Second of all, 17K of packs at 999 per and you get ONE elite??? I know they say the % are NOT cumulative, and that would prove it, I guess. I feel like maybe EA keeps track of your pack luck so you just have to go thru a dry spell after having good luck. Idk. Seeing that really made me question how many of those trending elites in the AH are actually from humans, and not furnished by EA.....


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