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Promo is garbage makes you want to rage quit


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Need 450 gold players for 1 masters.no way to obtain them except envelopes which cost 25 tokens which cost 25 energy per tokens plus where the hell is the 81 cousins ?????? Plus cousins needs 125 gold masks which costs 625 favor tokens which are 1 per 25 energy so 15,625 energy needed .


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Also I think they patched the auction house so that you can't do the "hot" player thing.


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We just need to accept the fact that EA is a business and this game is too. It will be unfair for f2p players, but p2p players get an advantage and that?s how they get money.


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None of the players are even auctionable havent seen a single one in the AH has the be the WORST promo of all time. If we are not gonna be able to grind a Single MASTER at least give us a way to sell players to make some coins otherwise this promo is almost a waste of time to grind! JEEZ garbage garbage trash trash trash lol :(


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On the upside though, AH prices are crashing way low. You can pretty much get 87+ below 90k. Also there are still 2 other sets of events for the 2 masters and I'm pretty sure we're gonna get extra events for the "Final Battle" they keep mentioning in the descriptions.
"plus where the hell is the 81 cousins ??????"

Lmao do you even play the events bro?

This promo is great. Halfway to Cousins 90 right now. Grinding the blitz like crazy :D


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