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Post your Shaq Week Promo master reviews here


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Please be as specific as you can this will help people choose their master/s and describe which master it is your reviewing with the position and player you're reviewing and wether or not your review is based on manual (you playing with it) or AI (you playing against it)

I haven't chose any of my masters yet but I have played PG Yao (usually hard to steal from but passes a lot and misses a lot of shots), PG Shaq (easy to steal from), SF Yao (good blocker nothing else), PF Shaq (invisible) and PF Yao (invisible) I may have played other ones but if I have they weren't noticable


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Manual PG Yao -I don’t like him, not that good as a PG but Blocks a lot and can drive fast to the Paint
Manual PF Yao-I like Him, my favourite amongst the Masters, a very reliable PF for me.
AI PF Shaq- I don’t have him but his AI is a pain for me
Manual C Shaq- a decent Center , that’s it!
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C Yao - good at blocks, but I was expecting this card to grab rebounds easily and that is not always the case. Still has SG take boards over him.

Edit: this relates to me playing with this card
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Manual Pf Shaq - weak rebounding.. hardly blocks anything.. ok for driving into the paint.. can occasionally make the top of the key 3
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PG Yao- is invisible, good blocking and rarely misses 3s and only been blocked once by shaq
Pf Shaq- is unstoppable.
They are the 2 best in my opinion


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C yao manual is fantastic for blocking,. Rebounds are just okay. I haven't really played with anybody else but I'm only going to get two Masters. So I hope I make the right decision my mind wants to get Shaquille O'Neal for the PF but I've been told that yao is a better option.


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am i the only one here using all the new player for bench only ?

anyway i just completed pg yao a few days back. dont really like his AI ingame. to me a PG shud be shorter. thats why i prefer to bench him. Now i might be going for PF shaq for the next one. already at 156k

Steve Rogers

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PG Yao on manual is force on his own,once you learn how to steal with him he becomes 3 headed monster(im not overhyping him)since i got him from 4 lvl matchups i had 3 matchups with under -10 al,once went -23(vs TPBC)in all 4 matchups i went +20 once even +29( which is somwthing very rare almost historycal 😂)
SD is very easy now with him on manual but TBH his al sucks big(maybe depends on chemistry)hold the ball to much,take a lot of impossible shots,even make wrong passes and is kinda slow
PF shaq is what i thought it will be a true defensive force in my case but same as YAO his al is not so good


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PG Shaq works great for me.
I just avoid shooting with him but otherwise ok and specially good on manual defence
I agree. Also, if someone can't steal from PG Yao with small PGs like Rose, Curry and rest, Shaq is the one with right size to easily steal the ball from him like no other PGs. If he is open and you use balanced item with +7 contested shot with solid TPT boost (+7 or more) he can shoot deep 3s the same way as S2 BB Simmons.

AI of the masters (just my opinion and experience from SD/LvL):
C Shaq - really solid at rebounding, dunks immediately with slow-mo dunk which is for me harder to block/stop than ITP and (never miss dunks comparing to ITP). Good shot blocker.

C Yao - kinda invisable but gets some rebounds here and there, can dunk quickly like Shaq and score some easy points for AI with his dunk package. I think I have more problems with 106 Legend Yao than with this one but stil good option from all available 106-108 centers.

PF Shaq - hard to notice him, maybe I didn't play enough times vs him but when he was on a team with the same overall or lower then I didn't see any special stuff from him cuz he was hard to notice.

PG Yao - hard to steal from him with small guys, is passing a lot and wasting time but if I give him space provoking him to shoot and quickly move forward to be close when he shoots he bricks 99% of times. My opinion about big PGs maybe shouldn't be posted cuz I love playing against all of them with my style of defense, but definitely good option against people who shoot a lot with PG.

I will test SG Yao and PF Yao soon. I have PF Yao since few days cuz he was my first master but played with him like 1 SD quarter and needed him as a bench boost so I have nothing to say about him yet.


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Manual pg Yao basically sucks. Slow, clumsy, glitchy shot. But the ai version moves around like Kyrie on crack.

Stewie called it at the outset, this promo is the worst thing ea has done all year. Good luck finding an opponent in lvl who doesn’t have pg Yao. I’m convinced they have one set of coding for ai by position. Put Yao in and he moves around like Superman.

And the size thing? Ever since LNY Yao he has been hugely over-sized. I’m quite sure Yao isn’t 2 feet taller than Magic. But he is in ea’s world.

Rant over.

Manual Yao pg - blah. Ai Yao pg is faster than a speeding bullet and leaps tall buildings in a single bound.


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Center Shaq is my favorite “usable” card in the promo. He’s just a really good center, rebounder. Good a put backs and tips. Decent blocker.

Very good card. But he’s no ai pg Yao!


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