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Players Caps (bronze, silver, etc.)


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Btw i get the feeling EA may have changed those caps for S3... maybe gold cards now have a lower cap? 30k? 50k?

Pls share your findings...


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I think caps are by OVR. I've seen where 5k might be the cap for Golds 70-74. Would make sense based on what a couple of my auctions sold for last night.


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i would agree with the 70-74 gold cap.. i cant sell any over 5k... i started @ 15k and am working my way down.. but this last batch arent even sell for 4.4k...


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Did anyone see any bronze player in the market? I'm guessing EA set the bar at 100 coins and we can only post them for 101 coins xD


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Based on what I've tested so far (including some friends with similar experiences) ... I.e. posting an 80 OVR elite for BIN's at under 200k, it seems as though EA has indeed applied caps on Start and BIN values in Auction House.

To test yourself, try and find any elite under 200k BIN - I've been trying since yesterday and none at all. If this becomes the standard - this could be an indication of the death of sniping.

It's also particularly unfair ... Let's say I decide to buy 750,000 coin from EA, and I feel like selling one of my elites for 100k .. Even if I wanted to I can't ! This is evidence of extreme dictatorship by EA.

Seems like they are promoting buying only (ex. coin from EA), and discouraging selling.



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