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Pantheon Program


Rookie 1
Is it the same as to the Lebron to La packs? Or do we have other, more affordable options. Hoping we get live events tho
If you complete fhe Pantheon Master you get a token for Ruler of the Pantheon which is Harden according to the main screen.

Harden is released on 8/12. There will be four Pantheon Masters from the looks of things.


Rookie 1
No need for it to be auctionable really at this point anyway although it would be nice in case anyone wanted to sell for stronger overall lineup in different positions.


Rookie 2
Such a anticlimactic end to an otherwise pathetic season. I for one can't wait for this season to end. How is anyone anyone going to get to 110ovr in 3 weeks without spending a ton of cash. This is probably one of the biggest money grabs weve had from EA.