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No new daily game of the night event


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Since I completed the game of the night event on Thursday to get a gold and elite collectible, I haven't seen another event any day to get the gold collectible. Kind of ridiculous. I thought that it'd be fixed today, but nope. I attached a screenshot to show everyone here because there's no second event or any option to get any collectible until Thursday again. Anyone else having this issue?
Screenshot_20190722-090632_NBA Live.jpg
Screenshot_20190722-090632_NBA Live.jpg
I almost could’ve excused the OP if not for the attached pic! The issue I had this morning after the 7am EST reset is the daily GOTN event was really not there. I messaged a friend about it and he told me his was there so I knew the issue was on my end. Closing and restarting the app fixed the issue.

EDIT: I think my refresh issue was related to the 1 hr delay between reset and this event refreshing.
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Sorry guys. I didn't see the event to the left because I never had it come up first. I feel dumb now but appreciate it lol


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