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Pro 1
Anyone got any info on this?

EDIT: already managed to find out it?s players with a +3 bench boost to team. Street lineup.


Rookie 3
95 The Glove
94 Spida
93 The Big Ticket
93 The Stifle Tower
92 Chocolate Thunder
92 PG13
91 Cardiac Kemba
91 The Matrix
91 The Iceman
91 The Black Falcon

VIA: twitter


All-Star 1
95 OVR [PG] The Glove Payton | +3 Steal
94 OVR [SG] Spida Mitchell | +3 Speed
93 OVR [PF] The Big Ticket Garnett | +3 Mid-Range
93 OVR [C] The Stifle Tower Gobert | +3 Block
92 OVR [C] Chocolate Thunder Dawkins | +3 Post
92 OVR [SF] PG13 George | +3 On Ball Defense
91 OVR [SF] The Matrix Marion | +3 Agility
91 OVR [SG] The Iceman Gervin | +3 Passing
91 OVR [PF] The Black Falcon Barnes | +3 SWC
91 OVR [PG] Cardiac Kemba Walker | +3 Dribling

Credit to Diavolo on Josh's discord for posting in the announcements section


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Why do they keep releasing cards with such low OVR? If I could even find Payton, he's too low for my team....dang. Same with Korver.....


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You still got that PG13?
Why do you keep quoting a post of mine then deleting what you're quoting I didn't answer last time because I thought it was a mistake but since you did it again I'll answer...

I have no idea what you're talking about since I have never had a PG-13 card this season that was a pic from the AH where that card can be found very easily


Pro 2
edit - I’m an idiot. Nvm. If you just hit quote it doesn’t quote. Quote plus reply does contain the quote


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edit - I’m an idiot. Nvm. If you just hit quote it doesn’t quote. Quote plus reply does contain the quote
Just hitting reply automatically quotes the post hitting the quote button adds it to a list allowing you to multi-quote when ready


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EA has said that new Nickname Players have been released, some over 98 OVR. Does anyone have any of these Nickname players cause I haven't seen any around yet?


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