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New daily and weekly objectives update


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We are making a few adjustment to our Objectives to for better consistency and optimization.
Live Date: June 3, 2019 around 1:00 AM EST (will go live with 2019 NBA Finals Player of the Game content)
  1. Warmup Points = New unified currency that can be used for any upcoming promo in various events. Earn Warmup Points from daily objectives to spend on special Warmup events in select campaigns. You can only store 1,000 at a time so make sure to use them when the time comes!
  2. Consistent Objectives and Refresh = Steady objectives so that you always know what you are working towards. Varied refreshes to give more opportunities for rewards throughout the day/week. In particular, Flash objectives refresh every 8 hours.
  3. New Categories of Objectives = Objectives split into categories for less pack openings but more rewards. Complete Flash and Daily objectives to get up to 25 Cash, 50 Warmup Points, 5,000 Coins and more every day.

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GOTW will be gone once The Finals are over, so I guess 2 or 4 more players & done

Actual sets expire Wednesday, so maybe then we'll have 2 new players


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It's June, start of the month, and we got squat..
They simply extended Legends a week after they expired..
GOTW.. another 2 or 4 u say... Ok.. will risk saving the 60 tokens I have then..


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