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Nba Store Packs, Complete Joke.


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Evening guys. Find this a bit hard to take. I decided to partake in buying these 500 cinqo packs. Understanding there’s a 7% chance you get one. That would equate to 14 packs altogether to get potentially one.

I preceded to open the first ten, nothing. I was going to stop after 5 but for the benefit of everyone else I thought I’d drain a hole in the Amex and go for more.

32 packs later, 16,000 of your finest green. Still nothing. I find this utterly ridiculous.

I also had 130 league tokens for the boom or bust. It took me 104 before I got 97 shumpert!

Amazing!! I have been loyal to this game, but for me this could be the final straw. From gameplay issues to this, even spending money isn’t rewarded as I believe it should be. Don’t know what you others think, I have about 5k green still left, and I could’ve spent coin for a player, it was just the principle I am upset about. Don’t know how you all feel, these are my views.

#badlifechoices lol


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The thing is this game doesn't have a pack counter that once you hit a certain number you're guaranteed a pull I've had a lot of luck on my 2 accounts with the 5% packs and some luck with the 7% one as well


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I hear ya. I spent like $200 trying to get Sig Lillard last season. Pissed me off beyond belief.

But your math/ approach is what's got you mad. It shouldn't take you 14 packs to get one. The odds are per pack. Once you open one....you start all over with 7% chance to pull a 103. You can't add up your tries to make the % equal 100%. It doesn't work like that. Sorry about your luck. Some of us learn the hard way that this is gambling disguised as a bball game. The odds are always with the House


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Guys?? can anyone help me?? ? cause I want to get that 103 Jimmy Butler.. but I don't have enough money.. .. .anyone can help me?? ? btw I'm lvl 28 with 95 overall no money spent.. .


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I had to open 1000+ (no mistake - one thousand plus) packs to get 101 Kemp. Others players got him within their 1st 5 tries. Supposedly it was a 5% chance thing if I remember correctly.

Lesson learned: I will NEVER use real money or even EA cash on any EA chance packs.

EDIT: not 1000+ packs but 1000+ tokens used (7 tokens per pack)
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Thanks for the input, guys. Good to see what you say. I get the math and the probability, clearly I’m just pissed lol. Have a good one.


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