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Nba lm youtuber iLogicsHD lied in his golden ticket video


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Copy pasted from twitter:

So I watched the entirety of the Golden Ticket video and two things were very apparent to me: the pack opening was done on a test server and this was kept hidden from viewers. In fact, there was even an emphasis made in the video of the pull being nothing to do with EA…

but the reality is that EA supply infinite cash and coins to test server accounts. There has since been a note added to the video description, but this was not initially there and almost no one reads those.

There has since been another video released and it appears as though EA are now supporting the deception. The Golden Ticket that was pulled on the test server—not in the actual game that everyone else plays—will be used to create a publicly built GT player released by EA.

I certainly have no issues with the public getting to build a crowd-sourced GT player. In fact, last year I was fortunate enough to get to build my own GT player (Penny Hardaway). But I have a big issue with a large...
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1. It was not kept from people that it was in the test server everyone knows his videos are done in that server

2. The survey is not done by EA it was done by him he said he will make a GT based on the winning results of said survey EA simple just retweeted the video about the survey because it was a video about their game made by someone they sponsor so of course they want it to get views

3. 4katosh made a GT Penny and there was only one in the game last year so either you're him, you're lying, or you're just mistaken


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I just saw the tweets and Josh is being bitter and has no room to talk because he was given a GT for no reason at all besides him being a GC anyone that has seen ilogicshd's videos know he always plays on the test server account for everything related to new content so the fact that he doesn't know that does not mean ilogics was lying it means he jumped to conclusions based on 1 video and didn't even have the balls to go to ilogics directly in that rant and instead subtweeted him if he's gonna try something like that be man enough to tag them


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