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Myth's 97 OVR Franchise


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To preface, I've made my small fortune in NBA Live almost solely on auction house flipping and showdown. Grinding the same live event over and over , to me, seems pointless and a waste of time.


PG: 97 Maze Master Kyrie Irving picked this monster up a couple months back and have never regretted it. Played with a few of the other 90+ Kyrie's and I can't seem to move away from the original. His gameplay has always been solid and the card art is the best in the game.

SG: 98 Miami Vice Dwayne Wade copped Wade off the AH right after the promo for the card art but after training him to 98 his stats have kept him in the lineup. Tried Ray Allen and couldn't seem to find any rhythm. If you know how to use Wade cards, this one turns into a beast.

SF: 101 Specialist Paul George Honestly I picked up PG13 for the boosts but I kept him for the steal rating (100 base). I didn't think steal really mattered until I put him in my lineup...
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Love Wade's card art,same with Kyrie

Also i agree with T-Mac,my favorite player of all time...injuries suck ass


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Your NBA starting lineup looks so good. Especially with the two best card arts in the game right next to each other.


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Ice Dwight Stats: https://i.imgur.com/yPybyQz.jpg

Not the best base stats but his rebounding has always played higher than it shows for me. Plus with 51 stat boost in my lineup his base stats don't really matter too much.


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This is what I call as perfect benches!

Too bad you don't have any Simmons / Magic or event Master Harden and Royalty Lebron. Also, at this point you could easily go up to 97 on your Classic LU, so you could already end up with 98ovr for both.



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