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My Showdown OVR vs OVR experiment.


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I downgraded my lineup to 91 OVR using 3 midgets from Christmas and beat a 106 lineup (my score was 24-11). Initially I though it was luck. So I experiment more using my christmas ghost players with a 102OVR lineup and continuously beating teams 104 and 105OVR sometimes by +10points(use a buzzer beater + 2 x 3p clutches). I concluded that showdown matches ONLY the bench OVR. My bench is 105-106OVR.

So just use your highest OVR for your bench and the weakest OVR players to play. The Showdown will match only Bench vs Bench OVRs.


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Are you actually playing your quarters? Could be your opponents are simply auto playing especially today when there is little else to spend stamina on.....

I typically do well playing my SD, but am currently auto playing SD with my secondary account using my Balanced lineup (105) for the fan boost and quite frankly getting my but kicked by 106's and having mixed results against 104's and 105's.....saves you actually playing but not sure the results are there.


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If Showdown only matches the bench OVR then why not put good players in the starting lineup and tank your bench to get a lower OVR matchup?

I don’t think this is how it works unless the recent changes are causing it.


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Unless you have some raw data to share..... I don't believe it's much of an experiment. But good food for thought!


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Define “beat.” Does that mean you won your drive or won the matchup?

"Beat" it means I win the matchup.

I can not really prove it (scientifically) but the AI of my team depends only on the bench OVR.

It works all the time. For example in my main lineup I insert a 94 player or 2. Then I play 105OVR vs 105 OVR. Obviously i have a better bench. My score is 21-7 win and my opponent lost 12-7!

I have a lot of abilities and a defensive coach to delay the opponent. But I can not get easily a win if my opponent has a better bench than me.


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