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MVP Kawhi Leonard 110 Progress a bug?


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Warning, if you complain to EA you might get nerfed.

2 games nerfed in a row - hmm.. ok.....
3 games nerfed in a row - wth
5 games nerfed in a row - seriously ?

10+ games in a row. You're not even hiding it anymore.

I haven't had a good quarter in League in the past 3 days.
One of my teammates just beat me twice in a row by +10 points through four quarters.
His team is 3 ovr lower than mine and my record against him was 25-3 before this.
His team doesn't even have clutch other than PG.

I have 6 clutches and BB

And i lost both games hands down!!!!!!!!!!!

My LvL matches have been a nightmare.

My FG % below 25% in the past 48+ hours

110 PG Harden/110 SF Kawhi can't score an open shot to save their life.
109 SG Middleton has missed 4 Buzzer beaters in the last 10 games (from close court)

This is just too shady to be a coincidence.


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no longer know how to solve this problem.I have black on white ,completed sets 6 of 7 and still have only 25 MVP ....How I have 6/7?


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Spoke with a live person.

His answer was that while the studio is aware of the issue, they will NOT be giving out any additional compensation to anybody.

Anyone who has a problem with that can take it up on social media.


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