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Master Embiid.................................


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Well well well... I thought that EA had the initiative to continue Master Embiid, but nah. The max OVR is still 82 and is there any news of future updates for Master Embiid? And Road to MVP Harden? :eek:
Haha. I remember MM Embiid. They had such high hopes for him. Asros tweeted once, "we would like to increase his cap, and allow you to follow his story to get to a higher OVR". That sounded good. Better than nothing lol. However, Embiid's spin soon became "Embiid is a card for newer players, not more experienced"...thereby having a reason for his long neglect, lol. Harden RTMVP had some hope, still, even as recent as late December. I don't know if he's gotten the "that card is for new players" treatment just yet, but time will tell, of course. They want to time it correctly, but do it "right". By "right", they do want to have a store component involved, i'm sure. Probably see-sawing on the best way to do that but not piss of those that don't want to spend (since the previous versions required no spending and were also competitive OVR). Who knows, though lol.
I'm glad they picked someone else for the master of the month, since Embiid will have better cards in the future, starting with All Star promo

The plan was to continue with the Harden program ,but choosed to make a Harden card for the LNY promo instead. Apparently Harden is a big thing in China.


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But Embiid was a free deal. Bird makes em $ though store packs and if they tried to do the same with Embiid, ppl would straight flip out.

Also, I believe Brian recently started that Harden pt 3 was back on, in some way. I'll believe it when I see it and also, with LNY Harden.....I don't see that making tons of sense....


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I agree with you all. Back to my main point, it?s more of an excuse if you say a card is more for beginners and it?s better for them to let it go than make an embarrassment out of themselves if they bring back MM Embiid. I see progress with Harden (since there?s 60+ events now), but they haven?t released pt3 and it?s been since December. We all are on the same boat and it?s crap. Nice job EA!


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The fact that this new NBALM dev team decided to get rid of something that is a staple in all EA team building games and modes (game master usually based on cover athlete) is absolutely ridiculous they are showing their laziness to keep things consistent and throw stuff in the trash whenever they feel like making something new


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I agree Stew. It's stupid crazy that they haven't done anything special with the cover athlete for the game. How does that even get approved by upper management? And why WOULDN'T you have something designed for Embiid that would run through most of the season? It just makes sense to keep players involved & engaged and a long-play Master does just that. Idk whether it's management making the devs chase their tales or the dev team being completely inept but it's crazy that halfway through the season we are missing so many things that should be standard inclusions


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it's like... they can still fix it! idk why they just don't. now is a perfect time to do it bf the AS promo comes out. or release it right after the AS and bf march madness.


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