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Kobe Bryant in NBA RETURNS Campaign?


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Bryant settin up the play.


Bryant drive to the hoop in clutch time!

I think we all dream of playing Kobe in NBALM. Unfortunately, for some reason (that i don't know. If you do know, please drop a comment.), we haven't got the chance to do that. Besides Kobe, some legend were also missing from the game. Such as Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Charles Barkley, ... who else? Drop a comment.

If you see the screenshot pic I post here, actually that's not Kobe Bryant. But playing him, kind a hype me up a bit on fantasizing of playing Kobe, since he got quite similar in game appearance with Kobe. ;D

Do you guys can guess who's that player in screenshot pic? Drop a comment.

I'm sorry if the title or this post sounds like a clickbait, but i hope you get the same joy that i have!

Go get that player in NBA RETURNS campaign! ;D


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Those players aren't in the game because retired players are allowed to license their likeness rights to game companies individually some sign exclusive contracts like MJ and Kobe with 2K so EA can't use them or they would get sued by 2K others want way more than they're worth and other's want nothing to do with games


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