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Is training Harden worth it?


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I have my Harden that we worked half the season for up to a 99. The next level up is near 3 million TPs but I see the stats are a little different, most notably you gain +2 in 3 pointers.

My Harden has been missing a bunch of 3s lately and I am wondering if it is worth spending the TPs on him or leaving him as is to train other players who I have at 95-98 who take lower TPs to get my overall up. Currently at 98.


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How many coins do you have? Do you plan on training platinums (high TP and coin cost to train) or are you sticking with elites?


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Training harden will not improve ur 3 shooting by much.. but his ai will improve if u care abt ai performance...
If ur trying to raise ur ovr, best is to sell the 95 platinums now(as their going at a good rate now) and replace them with 94/93 ovr players with boosts as they can be trained to 99/100 for much cheaper than training a 95 to 100
I had a similar problem and had him trained to the same level but started missing like crazy so instead of training him further I replaced him with a much better SG and moved him to the bench. I then used the 2.7mil TPs I would have used to train Harden to train Ginobli to 104 and haven't regretted the move even though I lose Hardens clutch.


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