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Is the grind worth it?


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I mean, for the rest of the week before the reset, i am still working for harden and the rest of the pantheon masterss, but given the experience from the past season, they will just be a lineup for a 2 min live event which even a 80 ovr can complete. You guys still seeing the value? In my case more of just to accomplish the best that i could. How about the you guys?
Go for it if it's possible for you. Just save your NBA cash for next season. I'm waiting on certified Steve Francis to be released and by that time I believe the season will be almost over. Its a shame that the only time I can enjoy using him is in next season's legacy event.


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Yeah you are right. After steve francisi think i am done as well and will keep my nba cash for next season. Anyway i think i am good with my 102 nba and classic lineup, though that 107 harden is still tempting but will just grind for him just for fun.


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I'm going for Pantheon Harden - 4 more days and I'll get him.
There's no other reason to play really and you can't take your coins with you at the end of the season so may as well grind him out.

Speaking of - I assume my 2M rep won't be good for anything over the next 2 weeks.


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Not for me. But in general, I only do limited grinding anyways. just don't have the time and interest to do the same shit 10,000 times in a row. Just shoot me now. I already get enough of that in real life.

Imo, the best way in this game is to get good at making cash via auction house and buy your way into the good players.


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grind the harden if you have time man! i won 175 ish showdown games in the past two weeks haha. got around 200 to go. we got this!


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grind the harden if you have time man! i won 175 ish showdown games in the past two weeks haha. got around 200 to go. we got this!

They're talking about the 107 Harden not the 96 but keep it up hope you get there in time


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Honestly I think grinding any aspect of the game now is obsolete until next season except for the daily NBA cash, unless it?s for sheer enjoyment.. I?ve refrained from playing until next season due to boredom myself as well as refreshing my tolerance for the game


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