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Is the 140k Shard Pack worth it?


Rookie 1
Ita 140 k rep, but i have heard people are pulling Finals players from it, If anyone has opened up the packs please tell what you pulled


Rookie 2
Staff member
Absolutely. I pulled a finals elite in half of my packs, someone in our group pulled 3 of them in one pack.
Oh and the shard is good too.


Rookie 1
I've seen screenshots of some insane packs, but I have gotten exactly ZERO elites in the 5 packs I've bought. Figures! Still, I think it's the best value for rep we're going to see.


Rookie 1
Best pack for Reps for sure. Pulled 92 Rondo and 88 Larry Nance Jr in one pack. Best of all got DJ Shard


Rookie 1
I thought these packs were a ripoff until I saw this thread. Just broke down and bought two. Pulled a finals hood. got a couple shards too.