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Is it worth buying an 80 elite?

I have around 350k on both accounts but I've been hesitant to buy any of the 100k elites. When they were priced at 200k they held more value to me than the current prices. I realize that few people were able to sell them at that price but now that they're cheap they seem dispensable and will probably be obsolete once the NBA season tips off.

On the other ahead, I don't really want two accounts with the same generic cards, e.g. Road to MVP Harden, Offseason Movers LeBron and Master Embiid.

How are you guys approaching the new price caps?


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Got tired of building up coin (reached 400k). So started upgrading my team.. reached 80 today.. hopimg to build back the coin in this promo.. let's c . No point staying at 77/8 with coims6was my thought
My alt I just burn the coins on pro packs.. just to c where my luck lies.. but now the state of the ah is really weird so just keeping the coin for now


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I guess that depends of what you do with each account.

If you want to be competitive in SD to reach prizes it may be an investment that gives good enough returns.

If you don't have big goals in sd or lvl one can take the long-term road of waiting til that same amount of coins gives you a better card.

I didn't pick any 80 base elite in the AH, but picked Trae Young there before the changes were announced and picked Vince Carter after, both with ovr/sd bonus in mind.

Trae became a questionable investment quick given the changes they introduced so I guess I'll wait for a while until 81ovr becomes the norm in SD opponents.


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Ya same here.. picked up porzingis before the changes and lbj after.. but happy with their gameplay so not fretting abt the coins..
Thanks for the advice guys. I don't think I have a realistic chance of finishing very high in Showdown so I'll sit on my coins for the time being.


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Hi. I bought some base elite cards to build up my team, bought Beal, Harden and PZ to dispose my low gold cards. So far at 79ovr. Not competitive in SD but it helps alot if you are playing in the league as now the average ovr is around 78 imo. Has got no elites from pro packs so am annoyed with myself and EA for that. Trying to build LBJ and shaq by grinding but am shocked to know that u need 5 elites for an 83 and 10 elite for an 85.. ha...ha.. lame EA.


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I would not have advice to spend 100K on base elites.
Their value is dropping quickly & will continue to drop next week.
For competitive SD they are not good enough in any case.
Hold your breath. I think that in a few weeks 85 will go for 100K (just a guess though...)


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