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Is it possible to break into top 1000 with this lineup?


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so before this i was never investing my time into showdown, but for the past two seasons ive been driven to get those titans, so i was wondering if i could break into top 1000 with this lineup?
97 Baron Davis
97 Allen iverson
97 Legend Hayward
97 Jermaine o'neal
99 Zydrunas ilgauskas


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Community Chief
You're gonna have to play very well because that AI is a piece of cake in my experience


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Top 1000? Absolutely, unless your bench is absolute trash and your overall is under 95.

Top 500? Probably not. Top 250? Absolutely not.


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Team overall is 95, and don't worry boys i bead 98s with that lineup with ease, as I've playing this game for more than a year now lol


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Ur PG is very easy to steal from.. I use potm payton and usually get 3-4 steals per game against davis.. you might run into some issue with your ai