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Is 91 iverson still a viable player?


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I see a bunch of rng 91 iverson on the ah. Was wondering whether he is still good enough for an otherwise 99 ovr classic team. My current sg is doug christie backed up by maxed ul ray allen. Should i buy 91 iverson?


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The Classic one isn't worth his price. However the NBA Lineup Iverson gives a great boost and has buzzer beater, while having decent offensive stats.


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A really good shooter like Dell Curry, Ray Ray or even a Different Iverson >> a card you use for 1 shot a quarter


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A really good shooter like Dell Curry, Ray Ray or even a Different Iverson >> a card you use for 1 shot a quarter

True. Fire Iverson is a good shooter though. But I guess it doesn?t matter here as we?re talking about the Ice version. Lol


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I wouldn't use any Iverson card anymore I used the maxed 94 when he couldn't miss but that ended after a couple weeks and then he just played like any other Iverson card and a 6' tall SG helps no one and all of his cards have weak AI for mainly that reason and even in Showdown the Fire one doesn't even get his BB off all the time and when he does he's much easier to block then Simmons so I would stay away from any AI SG card


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Ok mine is totally biased as Iverson is in my top 3 favourite players of all time... considering I started playing this game around end of January 17? I never had a go at the sets for F/I and he was unattainable price wise until recently for me.

Sold my playoffs Iverson for 3.5m and dropped $9m on the Ice Iverson last night (don?t need it for nba as I have Master Harden and Royalty LeBron on that line up. I shoot more than once with Iverson per qtr, he probably accounts for somewhere between 9-12 points for me per quarter.

He is significantly slower than the 97 playoffs however his shooting for me is just slightly less effective than the 97.

So from my perspective 9m is worth it lol.

Edit: just dropped 12m on B.B. Simmons for NBA too.

Edit, edit: Iverson back on the market... isn't quite cutting it... too slow..


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