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If there were a monthyly/seasonal premium membership, how would you expect it to work? And would yo


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I'm curious. I really hate the "shop". Impossible to know what exactly your money is worth if you play P2P, so decided I'm not going to spend a dime.

If my ridiculously outpriced item I purchased will be inferior within a few weeks, what the heck did I just spend my money on? Might as well burn the cash...

If I had a consistent payment, along with certain advantages to expect, I would reconsider being F2P, and I suspect many other users feel the same way.


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Actually there was a membership pass for 1 month last year. I don't remember the full details because I didn't buy it but you had reduced AH tax and daily tokens for a redeemable card.


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Yeah they had 1 last season and it was useless because it fell apart after a few days and they never brought it back I expect it to work like the snow pass but longer and including rewards for stuff when there isn't a promo going on


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Last year that monthly pass in the cheaper version got me an 98 Jalen Rose by completing a pair of objectives daily, so I found it good enough, independently of the changes in the AH tax which were not even promoted as you picked the pass so it was an unexpected bonus for a couple of days.
Back in the NBALM Asia days, we had two different monthly passes; a VIP pass and a Super VIP pass. The main benefits of the passes were that they reduced the AH tax from 20% to 10%, added an extra card to Pro Packs and gave bonus stamina each day. They cost about US $10 and $15 dollars respectively. Most hardcore grinders bought at least the $10 one each month.

I spoke to Brian about why they don't make things cheaper in game, e.g. those 100 dollar cards in the store, and he explained the economics behind it. There is an entire economy built into the game that determines how much promos will cost to grind, how much packs will be in the store and how much free stuff we get for logging in, etc.

But to answer your question, I would pay around a thousand yen for a monthly pass if I felt it was worth it.
As long as gameplay is not addressed I will continue not to spend a dime. The day they add new animations is the day I officially become a P2P. But for now I see no benefits in paying anything if a bronze player dunks exactly the same as a platinum player.

To answer your question I would prefer a seasonal pass over a monthly pass. But a pass either way would definitely be a better option than paying $100 for a chance at something.


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if the product remained consistent, US$10 monthly would a reasonable amount if there were VIP exclusive players that had a low grinding requirement, if it made grinding for promos more easily attainable and extra bonus packs.
Last season one was not bad. I remember getting 98 Jalen Rose & 100 Oladipo. Sold both for more than 5M.

This season snow pass is really good and i hope they do something like this in the future again.


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