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I got Ralph Sampson... he sucks


Rookie 2
So in the never ending quest to be a F2P/minimal P2P guy who gets up to 102 I bought a a Sampson card today. I saw the stats weren't great but all the new cards are kinda dumbing down the stats so i figured he's 7'4" it should be a nice card.

Bad news. He's a 101... and he sucks!

I would rather have 99 Whiteside, 99 Shaq, 99 Ewing etc. etc but I need his 101 for the OVR so I have to keep him as he is the only 101 in the store and i don't wanna buy 99s and 100s that will soon be obsolete vs top 100 teams.

I'm just venting, there really isn't a lot of value to my words here other than if you are not trying to raise AI or OVR, just skip him.


Rookie 3
Also got him to raise my ovr, but he’s perfectly working for me. With coach and court’s rebound boost he’s grabbing every rebound withn his reach and with his block stats and height, almost no one can shoot directly against him. Those are already enough for me for a C. Though i agree with you that sometimes, i also felt like we are forced to do this or that to achieve the most competetive lineup possible for us.


Rookie 1
He plays amazing for me, I made Kareem and he can't rebound to save my life. I ended picked up Samson, my rebounds and blocks went up right away. I only use my center for rebounding and blocks. I don't use them for scoring besides putbacks and fast breaks.


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