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I’m Having a Tough Time Selling 82 ovr Carmelo Anthony


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I?ve prob tried to sell 82 ovr Melo 10 different times without any success. I?ve tried many different price ranges as well ranging from a 125k to 250k bid price to a 250k to 350k buy now price. Do you guys have an idea of what he goes for? I appreciate it!


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I wanted to add that a league mate of mine just sold his Melo card yesterday with a bid price of 250k and a buy now price of 350k. Man the auction house this season is confusing bros


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I saw how hardly any 80 ovrs are selling but man I would think the 82 ovr Melo would sell pretty easy for some of the prices that I?ve tried.


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There?s just not enough opportunities in the game to make a significant amount of coins to get liquidity into the ah. Given that the 82?s are over 3.5 times the price of an 80 with negligible difference on court, selling will be a struggle. It?s hard enough trying to sell an 80, all you can do is keep putting him up in the perceived price range that you see others listed for.

They managed to get rid of the coin sellers which is great, and I assume the action they?ve taken now is to eliminate bots, but in doing so they?ve taken one of the most fun parts of the game and turned it into the worst. We?ve always had to deal with bots, but at least we could make some coins if we were good enough to beat them.

Good luck.


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yeah it must really suck having one of the best cards in the game + not being able to sell it....
#FirstWorldProblems :D
This is terrible, wish we could do something as a group to pressure them into fixing it...

Same shit every year, long as people are buying their crap they don?t care.
If u got a base elite, and not going for shaq or lebron. Best option I?ve found is to turn the elite into 10 mover golds, at least they sell.....not great profit but u can make 60-80k if you get a couple randles


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