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How to grind this promo?


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Hi everyone, it might sound a little bit stupid, but I don't know how to grind this promo. I mean, all my league teammates have like 40k points, and I just reached 25k. What I do is doing the 75 stamina event until I run out of energy, but, is there something that I'm missing?
Thanks in advance


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Make sure you have all 5 92 overall 10% booster players as well as the free 10% booster jersey and if you're up for it you can play season games for twice as many points per stamina than any of the live events but it can be very time consuming

I also moved the thread to the main section imo the general help section is for stuff not directly related to content for the game so like your game crashing every time you open it or problems with the site


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Get the free jersey from store & equip it in promo lineup. Turn in tokens for all the 92 OVR promo players and put them into your promo lineup. Complete first wins on Blitz events every 8 hours. Buy coin packs. Collect bonus packs every 4 hours. And the most important one is to make a new lineup just for Season mode. Put in bronze or silver players as starters and then put your 92 Boost players on bench. You want this lineup to have the lowest OVR possible with all of your boost players/ items equipped. You want to autoplay season quarters and LOSE because you get your points whether you win or lose the quarter & at the end of the game you GAIN 10 STAMINA if you lose the game. That's how everyone does it


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