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How much does 89 Mutombo sell for?


Rookie 1
I'm almost done with an 89 food drive master, so I want to know if I should complete Tatum or Mutombo to get the most profit of coins. if anyone has sold their 89s, please let me know. thanks
At this point you have to hurry. Once they changed BF and daily packs to Black Friday tokens I noticed it took me much longer to get the tokens to complete Tatum. How close are you? As it is they are similar in price BUT there is only one Mutombo and many Tatums on my AH so I assume Tatum will continue to fall while Mutombo remains the same price if not go up. I'd go for Mutombo for coins.


Rookie 1
I just need 9 more turkeys and 8 more potato so I will get one today. Yeah on my AH there are more of them up with Mutombo lowest being 2.1 mil but 1.3 bid, and tatum 1.8 mil and 1.3 bid. So i think i may try the mutombo but their prices are pretty close


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