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How do you explain auto-benching to members?

I had to take over as the Commish in one of my leagues. We're a small league with less than 10 members. We often face auto-benching when matched up with other leagues but new members think they're getting benched and quit. Anybody know how to explain this in layman's terms?


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One thing I do related to this is putting myself last in the listing often. If someone has to take the hit, I put myself in the line. I'm currently auto-benched in today's tournament in our league. Then sometimes there are two taking the hit. ?\_(?)_/?

I also say 'we're searching for a tournament with x members' so people know they were included in the search.

And then it's explaining that the match-making-system sometimes wants your league to face a top opponent, even if it has to force changes in the amount of league members playing.

The game is also not going to match a 0-3 league with a 30-0, so there are a few factors limiting the possible matches and the amount of leagues of a certain size searching at the moment should also matter.

So basically we blame the algorithm!


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The system tries to get a match every 30 mins. Some members at the bottom of the submitted tournament roster may be cut to find a successful match, else you wait another 30 mins. You only get matched with other similar-sized leagues that are available at that time belt, which explains why you sometimes get matched with the same league three times in a row.

Sometimes we see new members leave if they are a high ovr and/or if they've waited 20+ hours for a new tournament to find that they're cut. We try to be friendly to new people but they may not like the vibe of the league, especially after reading the chat history.

How are your roster placements determined? Last season, we started sorting the roster based on ovr when EA decided that was going to be king. All things being equal, this puts up your strongest lineups for the tournament and is somewhat of an incentive for members to keep improving their lineups in order to secure a higher roster spot.

If there are multiple members with the same lowest ovr, they get rotated higher up for the next tournament if they get cut, so not the same person gets cut all the time. For those that do not play their quarters, they are moved to the bottom of the roster or removed from the league, depending on the frequency and number of misses.


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I order it by attendance in such that I have both my teams in the league my main at the top and anyone with a perfect attendance % above my alt account (including new members) and anyone I've had to bench on purpose below that account then when I'm about to start a tournament I bench my alt then activate it so that it's still active but now at the bottom of the list (for instance putting it at #17 instead of #10 on the list but not saving the order with it down there) in case someone gets benched I prefer it to be my alt rather then anyone else and I make sure all my members are in a chat outside of the game I simply tell them it took out more then 1 account but those at the bottom of the list are the most recent to miss a tournament so it gives more incentive to play all the time

Get your members in a chat outside of the app and you should be fine explaining what happened or if you have a working alt just do what I do and have it at the bottom of the list


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