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Hopes for Season 3


Pro 1
(I think there's a topic like this already but I can't find it. Sorry.)?

Statistics pls.

I would very much like to know how many points my PG scores or how many rebounds my PF gets. And what's basketball without stats?!

Yes? No? Any other hopes?


Pro 1
Yeah the lag and the crashing are horrible aspects of this game. That should be their priority.
But i was thinking more along the lines of new features.
Contested shots.
They probably can't completely fix shooting in this game, but there needs to be at least 3 types of contests, from "Light contest" to "Heavy contest". Right now, even if you're double teaming the ball handler at the 3 point line, they still have a 50% chance to make the shot. On the offense, the slightest contest can reduce your shot % by 15%.
Any gameplay improvements would be great especially new animations. And better content and promos. Madden has improved drastically it's gotta be embarrassing for the NBALM devs. Also no more stamina restrictions.


Rookie 2
Gameplay improvements please. Not just adjusting the AI's sliders and calling it an "update".
Especially new animations, not ones we've had for 2 years. I'm tired of driving to the basket then flopping around like a dolphin in mid-air and throwing the ball out of bounds.


All-Star 1
My latest gameplay peeve is blocking 3-4 shots in a row forcing the opponent outside the 3pt line and the last block results in a turnaround 3 from the opposing center. It?s nearly automatic...smh


Rookie 1
My latest gameplay peeve is blocking 3-4 shots in a row forcing the opponent outside the 3pt line and the last block results in a turnaround 3 from the opposing center. It?s nearly automatic...smh

once I blocked LeBron's clutch and then their karl Malone got the board and sprayed me with a fadeaway 3. I wish I just let the clutch go in...


Rookie 1
1. Bonus for beating higher seeds in showdown.
2. A way to inbound the ball to other players on the court.
3. Please give me a way to rebound the basketball.
4. Fix the goaltending call when you block a dunk.
5. A perfect release uncontested shot should be automatic.
6. Training players shouldn't cost you millions of coins. Its bad enough you have to trade in players for training points.


Rookie 1
Better gameplay and more lineups would be great, but more than anything, I'd just like EA to have their shit together on day one (unlike the S2 launch). That means weekly programs in place and ready to go, showdown working properly, live event/season/LvL masters, and maybe even an opening promo.

Other than that, I agree with most of what's already been mentioned in here too.


Rookie 1
Basically what I want is:

-Fix Showdown matchmaking, don't match me against 100 ovrs if I'm a 94
-Give us new animations
-make rebounding possible
-opponent sets screens too much, fix that or add a button so we can screen too
-just fix gameplay in general, way too annoying sometimes
-make promos grindable through playing live events
-Either make Master easier to grind, or make him higher ovr, 96 is too low for a "master"
-fix the auction house, bots only ever bid on players
-although i dont care for stats many people want them so ill add it here
-add at least 1 more lineup
-make it so you can sub in bench players during season games
-better rewards for playing season not a silver player for beating the finals
-make royalty/supremacy/ruler actually give you the token you need
-stop giving cards trash stats
-make passes over half court not be thrown out of bounds
-less lag, less crashes, better preformance(especially on tablets)
-no more locking master's 80 ovr versions behind 1 dollar paywall
-less promos that exist in the store only with no events or sets
-less times that there's no promo running
-Either get rid of rep or make it usefull
-pack odds that arent terrible, we shouldnt have cards that are so hard to pull nobody ever got them
-better LvL rewards, possibly more league modes like in Madden
-more coin packs

Theres prob even more thats what i could think of in 5 mins


Rookie 1
Gameplay wise:
Fewer centers shooting, and making, fadeaway 3s.
Make height less important in the game.
Reduce probability of 3s going in.
More realistic stats (ben simmons cannot make a 3, this should show in his stats)

For the rest of the game,
1. Id like to see pack odds similar to china
2. Cheaper training costs in terms of coins for platinums.
3. Less crashes, particularly for showdown


Rookie 1
They are smart. Every season it will be more likely you will have to open your wallet to obtain the same level team as the year before.


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