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Hopes for next season

For those of you sticking around for Season 3 what are some of your hopes and wishes for the new season?

My biggest hope is that they have everything sorted from the get-go. No chopping and changing or experimenting and failing. I would like to see fixed weekly programs instead of turning older programs into promos. And Master Embiid needs to be in place from day one.

I would also like they to revive LvL by giving us grindable Masters. I don't see why there aren't Season Masters either. There are so many cool season record holder type cards you could earn by completing achievements in Season mode.

I'm curious whether Showdown will continue in its current form. If so, I expect the first Showdown reward to be an 88 or 89 OVR card.


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I'm glad for the earlier release date this year since the season is coming to be a bit boring. As I would hope, an earlier master (Embiid) on the get go being able to quickly get back on track, more awesome content, and improved gameplay.

Also, please make sure the Android and iOS updates appear at the same time, thank you!


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My biggest hope is that they have everything sorted from the get-go. No chopping and changing or experimenting and failing.

Yeah that's the key for me as well .

Above it all, I hope we don't have to deal with lag, broken events like legacy in the first days, trickery like 30 min lvl quarters, crashing h2h and unfair/blind suspensions. That was all much worse to me than any of their content decisions.

about other secondary wishes I'm gonna link what I wrote here in an older thread.
As I think none of these is asking for too much.


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I'm "hoping" they take inspiration from S1, and maybe actually get real employees who will listen and relay complaints/feedback.


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I forgot to mention this as well, but we're long overdue for some new player animations. They really need to change the court scenery, and the player models as well. Scratch that, everything needs to change; most features were recycled from S1 anyways.


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Improved gameplay, that's all I ask of.

That would be the main thing and it's probably EA's focus. I wish height wasn't such a big advantage in gameplay, to begin with.

Asides gameplay, i would like to have more lineups available.

LvL is fine by me. No need for bigger rewards.
I like LvL to be as relaxed as possible and play mainly for fun. Pls leave the big rewards for other stuff.


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Hopefully a more well planned game with lesser issues like speed and glitches. For with those glitches, somebody will gain much and will basically make the game imbalance and not fair just like what happened to the LvL early this season. And... more coin based Store and should they focus on the ads to fund their devs for more players = more ads possibility = $$$ and not milking the players.


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Is like them to have a freaking plan that works for the season (in advance....the whole ditching of boosts was idiotic) and have a Dev team that tests before release and can fix issues in a timely manner

Other than that....give players good stuff. Make it fun. CHANCE EVERYTHING is not fun. Player rewards for achievements is awesome. Player rewards for LVL is awesome. Store packs that actually give you a card for your $100 instead of a CHANCE is awesome. Be AWESOME next season EA. Ohh, please either ditch abilities or come up with some cool new ones to implement and even things out.


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Remove the abilities if they can't do them right - bb in 30 seconds and 3 clutch shots when they reduced lebron's and harden's (yes - i don't have both kd and simmon...haha). But really, facing teams with too much abilities is no fun at all. Sometimes I enjoyed playing classic in sd more even if the opponent is tough. And yes - more realistic gameplay. Pg rebounding over centers then dunking from standing position. Blocking, tapping the ball, making ai missed several times in a row but still ai got the ball and scoring. Etc.


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This season has been interesting . Part of me liked how the promos have been structured as I could make coin in almost every promo..and millions in some promos..which was unthinkabke last season till ultimate legends started..o
Was just watching qjb s video today and had a flashback to last season when he had millions of coins and I had barely one million.. it's been the opposite this season where though the game has become a money grab in some ways it doesn't reward the people who spend.
But to echo what dub said.. some sort of consistency in gameplay and in every aspect of the game including warning before maintenance would be great


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One of the best thing for me is new team boosts. For example, each team has its own boosts, which can be multiple or single. If you have 5 players from this team u can get his team boosts, and it will make game more fun and more balanced for all people. You can get good boosts by good cards or same team players. ^_^
Something that hasn't been mentioned......either training needs to be removed or at the very least costs eliminated. Spending millions on TPs and additional millions on finalizing the upgrade is just too expensive and quite frankly just a way of limiting our coins and getting us to spend NBA cash.

Also set timers need to go! Waiting 4-24 hours to do a set again is getting old.


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I hope that Season mode can use the +/- boost percentage system like in Showdown and have the real starting lineups (as in Live events)


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