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Heist Players 102-105

AD is the only 104+ I don't have (obviously excluding Butler) I would hope it isn't hard but then again I've spent over 3 mil so far on 2 104s, 1 105, and 2 money bags luckily I've had a lot of ultras to sell (usually sell for about 79k) to replenish some of it but still over 3 mil on tokens is a lot
Stewie, I did it. I aimed for Pippen but got this, bruh, best moment of my life



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Gah, I've got Thomas twice, but can't seem to reroll an AD no matter how many times i try. Sucks sending back a 105 player, but doesn't do much good with Payton already in the lineup. Might just have to grind for another 102 player and just live with Holiday and Marion (assuming i can reroll Marion) to get Butler. Have Payton, Holiday, Pippen, Drummond + all 100's on the bench.
Screen shot for me your heist line up. I want to see how many players to get to 103 it's stressing me right now. I need to see it please

I suggest not trading in any players 98 and higher until you fill all positions. I traded in a 100 SF early on and just spent 3 days trying to get a +98 SF to finish Butler. 😖


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